MasterCard® Credit Card

Verified MasterCardAt Union Fidelity Federal Credit Union, we offer the MasterCard® Classic, MasterCard® Secured, and MasterCard® Gold credit cards. Your credit card should offer convenience, not high costs. Why spend more on fees and interest charges than you have to? Discover the savings of a Union Fidelity Federal Credit Union MasterCard® Credit Card.

You'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • 30-day grace period
  • Free travel and accident insurance
  • Optional life and disability insurance available at low rates

Please click here to report a lost or stolen Union Fidelity Federal Credit Union MasterCard® Classic, MasterCard® Secured, or MasterCard® Gold credit card or click here for the credit card payoff calculator.

Choose The Plan That Works For You MasterCard® Classic MasterCard® Secured MasterCard® Gold
Annual Percentage Rate 13.9% 15.00% 11.5%
Annual Membership Fee NONE NONE NONE
Grace Period for Purchases 30 DAYS 30 DAYS 30 DAYS
Transaction Fee NONE NONE NONE
Method of Computing Balance Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Minimum Payment Amount 3% 3% 3%

Return Check Fee: $25.00
Cash Advance Fee: NONE
Over-Credit-Limit Fee: NONE
Charges incurred by use of the MasterCard® card are due on receipt of the account statement.

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