Effective December 1, 2020

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Money order, maximum $1,000.00 $2.00 each
Release of judgements $25.00
Nonsufficient funds - each $30.00
Account activity printout $5.00
Account research $20.00 per hour; $15.00 minimum
Stop payments - each $30.00
Copy of credit union check $5.00
Reopen share account $15.00
Return mail $10.00
Title work-car registrations $10.00
Loan processing fee $15.00
Returned check (NSF) $30.00
ATM/Debit NSF $27.00
Deposited check returned unpaid $10.00
Check copies 2 free per month; $3.00 each thereafter
ACH return item $30.00
Copy of statement $5.00
Statement Balancing $20.00 per hour; $15.00 minimum
Fax copies $3.00
Rejects (checks other than our provider) $15.00
Wires (outgoing) $20.00
Wires (Western Union) $25.00
Transfer fee from regular share account to share draft (checking) $10.00 - limit 3 per month
Shared branching transaction fee $3.00


  • Bylaw requirements:
    You must complete payment of one share in your Regular Share account as a condition of admission to membership.
  • Transaction limitation - We reserve the right at any time to require not less than seven (7) days notice in writing before each withdrawal from an interest bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account as defined by Regulation D.
  • Nature of dividends - Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings, after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period. (This disclosure further explains the dividend feature of your non-term share account(s).
  • National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund - Member accounts in this credit union are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Truth-In-Savings Disclosure